SEN / Learning Support

The Learning Support Department at Tower House School provides a caring environment for children with specific educational needs. The school offers individual sessions with appropriate teaching methods.

Tower House School provides:

  • Initial assessment to determine needs
  • Targets agreed and an individual plan written
  • Specific and tailored programmes followed
  • Individual sessions
  • Close contact with class teachers to ensure correct support is offered and targets are met
  • Keeping parents informed with regular contact

Struggling with school work can be overwhelming and disheartening for a child. Once any issues are  identified and the reasons behind them, leaning support can help remove any obstacles in order to enable the child to realise their full potential.

Learning Support handles the children sensitively and positively. Understanding a child’s unhappiness and lack of progress at school can have an affect on the whole family. To this end the department does its best to alleviate the fears and concerns of both the children and parents by offering a structured plan; short or long term and practical no nonsense approach. The Learning support department prides itself on keeping abreast with current practices and latest research.

Mrs BealeLearning support also offers a pastoral environment in which the children are listened to and encouraged to do their best. All the children are fully supported and are newly motivated by their awakened understanding.

Mrs Gill Beale is our Learning support teacher. She is sensitive to the needs of both parents and children and will take the time to discuss any issues and concerns either you or your child may have.

“It really works at Tower House.”  Becky yr 8

“My name is Samuel Jacob Wilson I have dyslexia I am 11 and I used to really struggle but then I had some of the learning support and all the things that I struggled with got easier and easier. So now I feel normal, I do not feel different. So it helped me a lot.”  Samuel yr 6

“Working with Mrs Beale has helped me a lot.”  Ben yr 7

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