About Tower House School

Our Environment

Throughout the school a warm and friendly ‘family’ atmosphere pervades. Self-confidence and self-esteem flourish in an environment that is supportive, intellectually challenging and rewarding. Positive social behaviours allow highly productive work and encourage full participation in all aspects of school life. We welcome hard working pupils of all abilities, knowing that our very low pupil to teacher ratio maximises contact time and success. Pupils are taught how to think for themselves, how to develop and how to share in their and others achievements.


Entry Policy

The school educates children from the age of 2-16 and entry can be made at any age. Scholarships are available for those who can offer excellence in various areas, which can support the school in its aims to achieve academic, social and communal recognition.

Academic Achievement

The school’s reputation is sustained by our outstanding academic achievements at all levels. This can be evidenced by the consistently excellent results at National Curriculum Stages, County Selection Procedure tests and GCSE. Our value added score places us among the highest achieving schools in the country.


Pupils are helped in their day-to-day school life by each other, by pro-active tutoring, mentoring, excellent communication with home and a system of prefects. Special emphasis is placed on good citizenship, consideration and respect for others. Tolerance is an aim of our education, an aim we achieve. Pupils are safe, treated as individuals and trusted.


More than just lessons

The normal school day is from 8:50am – 3:40pm but there are many activities available before school, at lunchtimes and after school.  Every Pupil is part of the extra curricular programme.