Open Events

Open events at Tower House provide an excellent opportunity to come into School, meet the teachers and take a tour.  They also offer you a little taster of the wonderful family atmosphere we have here at our school.

Baking Cookies

The events are always busy with fun and creative activities going on throughout the Junior and Senior departments.    They are a great time for your child to meet Tower House pupils and take part in making goodies to take home.   The Beehive Nursery is also open so your little ones can come along and play.

Open events also offer you the chance to chat informally with the teachers to find out more about our unique approach and ethos.

Transitions from one school to another are difficult for the young person.  To help reduce anxiety, we hold Transition days to allow pupils to have a taste of senior school life, meet the senior teachers and take the opportunity to mix with future fellow classmates whilst they involve themselves in a range of activities designed to break the ice.