What is the grading system for Key Stage 4 – GCSE?

A Target Grade is the grade that a pupil will achieve if they make expected progress across Key Stage 4 (Years’ 10 to 11). The attainment Grade is based upon a pupil’s current performance and is given as a GCSE Grade. GCSE Grades are listed in the table below with a short explanation.

GCSE GRADE Comments:
A* Complete understanding of subject.  Highly suited to further advanced study.
A Very high understanding of subject.  Suited to further advanced study.
B High understanding of subject.  Likely to be successful at advanced further study
C Sound understanding of subject.  Would require significant effort to be successful in this subject at advanced further study.
D Reasonable understanding of subject.
E Some understanding of parts of subject.
F Light understanding of parts of subject.
G Limited understanding of a part of the course.
U Ungraded. This pupil has not completed the required parts of the course sufficiently to achieve a grade.